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Case studies

Case Study 1: Individual Therapy of an adult
Claire is 42 years old and was referred to Compass by a Psychiatrist following concerns that she had recently been suffering from panic attacks and Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). Read more
Case Study 2: Neuropsychological Assessment of an Older Adult
Anna is a 74-year-old woman, whose family had become increasingly concerned about her increasing forgetfulness and her apparent difficulty finding the words that she wanted. Read more
Case Study 3: Therapeutic Intervention for a Child
David is a nine-year-old boy who was in the back seat of his car when it was involved in a collision 18 months ago. David never seemed to settle after this collision and he had suffered from nightmares since. Read more
Case Study 4: Capacity Assessment of Adult
Simon is a 27-year-old man with a Learning Disability. His father had become concerned that professionals working with him were assuming that Simon ‘could understand everything that was said to him’ including information relevant to important medical decisions. Read more
Case Study 5: Assessment of Violence Risk for the Criminal Court
Darren is a 23 year-old man who has recently been convicted of Actual Bodily Harm. The Court is concerned that Darren does not appear to have displayed a typical pattern of violence with this representing a serious but isolated episode of violence. Read more
Case Study 6: Assessment of Children and Parents for the Family Court
Mr and Mrs Jones and their two children, Megan (11) and Rhys (7), had been referred for a psychological assessment following the children being taken into the care of the Local Authority under an Interim Care Order. The Local Authority was of the view that the parents were unable to provide good enough care in relation to the children and they were applying for permanent Care Orders to be granted by the Court. Read more

Court reports

Court reports CTA image

We provide thorough, evidence-based and objective reports for Family, Criminal and Civil Courts. We also provide extensive and comprehensive reports for the Parole Board and Court of Protection.

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Therapeutic Interventions

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Across the age range, Compass Psychological Services provide individualized therapeutic interventions that are based on thorough assessments, detailed formulations and up to date research evidence.

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Clinical supervision

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We have extensive experience of providing clinical supervision to Psychologists. With a growing client base from the NHS and Independent sectors, this represents an exciting development for our services.

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