I was hugely impressed with his report and my client spoke highly of him following the assessment. Louise Cunningham, Foot Anstey Solicitors.

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Individual Therapy of an adult

Claire is 42 years old and was referred to Compass by a Psychiatrist following concerns that she had recently been suffering from panic attacks and Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces). An initial meeting was arranged with Claire at her home because of the problems that she was experiencing in relation to leaving the house. Claire was initially very embarrassed about talking about her problems, suggesting to the therapist that she must think of her as being stupid.

After three appointments at her home, Claire and her therapist had been able to discuss the onset of the anxiety, discovering through the course of their meetings that Claire had suffered from similar issues when she was in her early twenties, just after having left University. Claire found it helpful that the therapist reassured her that she did not believe her to be stupid and that together, they could make sense of the symptoms. As time went on, Claire became more confident in the therapeutic process and through some investigation, diary keeping and reflection, they discovered that the issues appeared to relate to Claire having held on to strong beliefs that she was both stupid and a failure. It appeared that her avoidance of leaving the house related to a fear that others would look at her and also view her in these negative terms. Claire also started to make sense of the events that had led up to her symptoms: both her current and past anxiety episodes had been triggered by difficulties finding employment.

Claire and her therapist agreed to starting appointments at the therapist’s consulting rooms, a challenge for Claire but something that she believed that would help to test out her fears. Claire found that although this did prove a challenge, it was easier than she had anticipated and she felt that she had already made significant progress towards managing her fears.

Claire completed therapy after a further nine appointments. Within that time, she managed to start venturing into the community and was eventually able to manage being in crowds with no anxiety. Therapeutic work helped her to understand that her negative beliefs about herself had originated from high expectations having been made in relation to her academic performance followed by average performance in exams. Claire was able to re-evaluate herself as being just as good as anyone else rather than as stupid or as a failure. Through the process of therapy, Claire started to actively search for employment and secured a job as an assistant in an art gallery, something that she had always dreamed about but that she had been told was ‘beneath’ what would be expected for someone with her level of University education.

Court reports

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We provide thorough, evidence-based and objective reports for Family, Criminal and Civil Courts. We also provide extensive and comprehensive reports for the Parole Board and Court of Protection.

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Therapeutic Interventions

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Across the age range, Compass Psychological Services provide individualized therapeutic interventions that are based on thorough assessments, detailed formulations and up to date research evidence.

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Clinical supervision

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We have extensive experience of providing clinical supervision to Psychologists. With a growing client base from the NHS and Independent sectors, this represents an exciting development for our services.

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