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Child assessment

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The foundations of positive emotional health are laid within the early stages of life and Compass Psychological Services are committed to providing quality assessments and interventions to assist young people adopt a and healthy trajectory into future life. Children and adolescents using Compass can expect to be treated with respect and at a level that suits their developmental stage and understanding. Issues of consent and confidentiality are taken seriously and are judged upon the child’s chronological and developmental age, their wishes and safety issues. Assessments of children and adolescents can be a pre-requisite stage of therapeutic interventions or may be used to help to inform decisions or to assist those working with the child to support them in the most effective ways.

Mental Health

Mental health issues are a serious concern for children as if left untreated, they can be both distressing for the young person and their family and they can impede the natural developmental stages of growing up.

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Intellectual functioning

It is important to formally assess the neuropsychological development of children, particularly in cases where it is suspected that there are difficulties in these areas of functioning.

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Young Offenders

If a young person has been convicted of an offence or there are concerns that they are heading towards a pro-criminal lifestyle, a thorough assessment can help provide an estimate of the risk of further or more serious offending.

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