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Intellectual functioning

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The neuropsychological development of children is important to have formally assessed if it is suspected that there are difficulties in these areas of functioning. A formal assessment of a child’s strengths and weaknesses can alert the education system to what is needed to enhance the child’s academic development. An assessment can also help adjust expectations for the family and educational staff, thus reducing the tensions and frustrations that can add to problems. In some cases, an assessment can help signpost a child and their family to the most appropriate services.

An assessment will involve meeting with the child and family, during which a full developmental history of the child is taken. Administration of a range of neuropsychological measures is carried out to assess the child’s profile of strengths and weaknesses and the family and teachers would typically be asked to complete questionnaires in relation to the child’s emotional and behavioural presentation. An explanation of the child’s neuropsychological profile, how this effects their general abilities and recommendations for management of difficulties are offered as a standard part of the assessment report.

Types of neuropsychological issues that are typically referred are:

  • General intelligence
  • Memory
  • Planning and Organisation
  • Attention
  • Social perspective taking

Court reports

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We provide thorough, evidence-based and objective reports for Family, Criminal and Civil Courts. We also provide extensive and comprehensive reports for the Parole Board and Court of Protection.

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Therapeutic Interventions

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Across the age range, Compass Psychological Services provide individualized therapeutic interventions that are based on thorough assessments, detailed formulations and up to date research evidence.

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Clinical supervision

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We have extensive experience of providing clinical supervision to Psychologists. With a growing client base from the NHS and Independent sectors, this represents an exciting development for our services.

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