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Family court services

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We are able to provide assessment reports for pre-proceedings and private and public Family Law cases. Our experience in adult, older adult and children’s mental health settings - in addition to further specialist experience in adult and adolescent offending and adult neuropsychology - means that we can provide you with assessments for individuals or whole families across a wide range of instructions.

The range of instructing questions that we can address include:

  • neuropsychological assessment, including IQ and memory across the lifespan
  • attachment between children and parents
  • risk of violence and sexual offending in adults and adolescents
  • domestic violence
  • substance misuse
  • personality
  • family and relationship dynamics
  • mental health and trauma across the lifespan
  • capacity for individuals to change and sustain change
  • recommendations for psychological interventions

A full psychological formulation for each family member is provided.

Assessment Process

Assessments will require an analysis of relevant background documents. Adults are typically required to undertake a clinical interview and psychometric assessment. Children and adolescents usually take part in a clinical interview or play-based assessment (depending on their developmental stage) and psychometric measures for children will typically be administered. Other aspects of assessment will include liaison with other professionals as well as observations of interactions between family members when appropriate.

Court reports

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We provide thorough, evidence-based and objective reports for Family, Criminal and Civil Courts. We also provide extensive and comprehensive reports for the Parole Board and Court of Protection.

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Therapeutic Interventions

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Across the age range, Compass Psychological Services provide individualized therapeutic interventions that are based on thorough assessments, detailed formulations and up to date research evidence.

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Clinical supervision

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We have extensive experience of providing clinical supervision to Psychologists. With a growing client base from the NHS and Independent sectors, this represents an exciting development for our services.

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